(breth – AIR – ee – un) A person who actually believes that they don’t need to eat or even drink water to survive and instead gets all their calories and protein and vitamin C from sitting in the sunshine. I am not even kidding! I do not know...


(dip – LOW – ma) A piece of paper you get when you finish college and are now allowed to be a principal, entomologist, or professional ninja. They are often irresistibly beautiful. (source: The Real McCoys, book 2) 


(RUB – ish) Something I say to let someone know I think whatever they said is ridiculous, such as when Tracy Dublinger suggests that her secret handshake is better than mine. Also, another word for garbage or trash. (source: The Real McCoys, book...


(NOO – FUND – lund) A large island off the eastern coast of Canada. Also the breed of an enormous and filthy and very friendly dog named Mike owned by my crazy uncle Vern. (source: The Real McCoys, book 2) 


(CAW – NUN – drum) A confusing and difficult problem or question, such as how to feel about a bowl of avocado soup. (source: The Real McCoys, book 2) 


(YOO – REEK – uh) A word that you say when you make a sudden great discovery, such as you just figured out the identity of a kidnapping Squiggler, or the world’s greatest dad put a tupperware of leftover guacamole in your lunch. It’s based on a word...