Apparently, various children are reading The Real McCoys, and apparently, at least a few of them like it. We have just (and by “just,” I mean several months ago) received a piece of incisive critical commentary from reader Fiona G, who has granted us permission to share it with you.

As follows:

The Real McCoys was really great! I loved it! Moxie and Milton McCoy attend Tiddlywhump Elementry where the beloved mascot, Eddie the Owl, has gone missing! I really liked Moxie’s sense of humor. She is really funny. I really liked reading it because I can relate to both Moxie and Milton. I liked all of the characters. There is a reasonable amount. The story is written in a way that makes you feel like Moxie is talking to you. You feel like you’re part of the story. It is a pretty realistic book. I could see myself doing all the things Moxie does. It makes a great read-aloud! I think readers ages 6 to10 would love it. Moxie is funny, smart, “really humble”. Milton is smart. I think everyone who reads this will love it!

-Fiona G., age 10, Middlebury, VT

Thank you, Fiona, for your stirring endorsement and for putting your good name on the line in support of our book.

Anyone else who would like to weigh in with opinions (however vitriolic) of The Real McCoys may send them to us via The Real McCoys Facebook page, and we will then post them here.