The Real McCoys won’t be published for another week or so, but some lucky kids got an early peek by winning a giveaway sponsored by Macmillan and Goodreads. One such kid is Madeleine Cox, who read the book and felt compelled to weigh in.

Without further ado, we hand the mic to Madeleine:

The Real McCoys is the best fourth grade mystery book! It is super funny. It made me laugh so much! My favorite character was Moxie because she is a fourth grade detective and there are not many of them. This also makes me want to read Moxie, Maude, and Milton’s other cases and the Annabelle Adams series.  I loved the pictures because they went along really well with the words. This is a cool book!

-Madeleine Cox, Age 10, Decatur, GA

Thank you. Madeleine, for sharing your thoughts! We are truly delighted that our very first kid reviewer seems to have enjoyed the book. As for the continuing adventures of Moxie and Milton, I have finished writing book 2, and Robbi is currently extremely busy working on the illustrations. Here is a top-secret sneak peek for you.
As for Annabelle Adams,  you can read the first chapter of her first adventure AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Additional chapters will be published every few weeks or so once The Real McCoys is officially published on November 7.
As for you other kids out there, who will (hopefully!) read our book in days to come, we promise to publish any review you send our way, positive or not. You can email it to us here!