Hello! Moxie, here.

Moxie McCoy, the world’s single greatest 4th-grade detective in the history of time and all other times, here and everywhere, throughout the known universe and beyond.

If you did not know (but how could you not know?), my book by me, about me, with a picture of me on the front is being published in exactly TEN DAYS. This is about as exciting as the day the first person accidentally combined avocados, salt, lime juice, cilantro and little bits of finely chopped onion with a blue corn chip and discovered guacamole.


YES, that is me on the cover. (And yes, that is my dopey little brother Milton on the cover, too. I tried to talk to the people at Macmillan about that, pointing out that only the most important characters should be on the cover of a book about me, but they did not agree.)

And YES, that is my very own Real McCoys bookmark shaped like a magnifying glass, although when reading this book, there is no need for a bookmark because my story is so gripping and captivating that it is impossible to put down so surely you will read the entire thing in one sitting.

As soon as the book comes out, that is. Which, if you had not written it on your calendar yet is EXACTLY TEN DAYS FROM THIS VERY MOMENT.

But who’s counting?